Venture Captain Sheila Heidmarch

LN Human (Taldan) Female


Venture Captain of the Magnimar Pathfinder Lodge, and Wife of Sir Canayven Heidmarch -


Sheila Heidmarch is a seasoned but now retired adventurer. Sheila and her husband (and lifelong adventuring partner) Canayven Heidmarch acquired their private estate in Magnimar’s Naos district after retiring from a life of adventuring. Seeing value in their homeland, Sheila and Canayven have established the first Pathfinder Society lodge in Varisia, granting the Society access to the relatively unexplored wilderness region rich with ancient Thassilonian artifacts ripe for the plunder. She met her future husband at a distant relative’s ball in Cheliax and was immediately enamoured and intrigued by the older and more experienced Pathfinder. Disappointed that the Pathfinder Society had no presence in her native homeland, she connived to have her father send her to Absalom, where she became an initiate at the Grand Lodge.

Even though she longed to return to Varisia and explore its many ruins, the Society was primarily focused on central Avistan and Garund at the time. She bided her time and took on other expeditions. During these travels, she found an awakened mountain gorilla who became her guardian, and re-encountered Canayven, whom she married shortly thereafter.

Both the Heidmarches longed to return to Varisia, but the Society considered it a vast wilderness of little interest filled with nothing but goblins and giants. Taking matters into her own hands, Sheila petitioned the Decemvirate to open a new Pathfinder lodge in Magnimar and was soon accorded the honor. She has since spent her time reacquainting herself with her homeland and uncovering its countless secrets, becoming an expert in Thassilonian lore in the process.

Venture Captain Sheila Heidmarch

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